Saturday, June 15, 2013

a facebook post/tag an invite does not make

i really hate it when people tag me in pictures and posts that i really have nothing to do with.  it's bad enough when people tag you on photos that are unflattering but it's worse when they tag you on something and you weren't even there.

i've said here before that i'm pretty old-fashioned about certain things.  if you need me to be somewhere, you have to let me know you want me there, through the phone, either via text or call.  i refuse to believe that i have to constantly be online just because you do not have the common courtesy to let me know personally (and because you've lost your humanity) that you want me somewhere.  whatever happened to advance notice?  if you wanted me to be somewhere, knowing that i have geographical limitations (i refuse to move just because, again, you do not have consideration for me) , you could've told me so, i don't want to find out through Facebook that i was supposedly somewhere at this time and i'm not even there.  i don't assume to be invited anywhere.  it's just like these group of people before who were supposedly my friends who "expected "me to be somewhere but didn't invite me because i had a different service provider.  stupid people.

i think you can use Twitter or Facebook to invite people if the event is like weeks away or at least days before.  but if it's happening NOW, i think a text message or phone call would be more appropriate.  again, it takes away the human touch, the more personal approach when you force people to look at Facebook feeds and tweets when you could've just asked them if they wanted to go out.  it's hard when you tell people late and you expect them to be there pronto when it's physically impossible for them.  it's not like i'm the Flash and you're not really talking about a place that's walking distance to me.

people who only remember you when they need something are really not your friends.  you are dispensable.  like when i left my old job.  i kept sending people off but nobody cared enough for me to send me off, and yet they expected me to do something special for this other person, after i left.  then there are people who only talk to me because they can order me around.  when they found somebody else to do it for them, they didn't feel the need to be courteous to me anymore.  and then there are the people who only remember me because they need money.  you know those people.  they never talk to you when they want to share their blessings or their happiness with you, but you're on their speed dial when they're broke.  hell, they even have your number memorized if they pawned their phone.

this really infuriated me.  i hate it when people lose their common courtesy.