Tuesday, May 21, 2013

we Filipinos are critical because . . .

i've been following The Voice ever since this season started.  i used to not pay attention to it but i realize that this is a better contest than American Idol.  let's face it, we're only interested in AI when there's a Filipino contestant.

it is better than AI because of the blind auditions, so the focus is really on the individual's voice, not his appearance, not his status.  the coaches pick the artist and mold him for the next few weeks until they get kicked out.  sounds like fun and fair, right?

so of the twelve that made it, i have two favorites.  but real quickly:  Sasha Allen is overrated.  she has a beautiful voice and she was with theater before, but i think she will have the tendency to be overconfident, just like Amber Carrington, whom Adam picked over her in the battle rounds.  Holly Tucker needs to be more confident but at the same time not have to divert too much in order to get the high notes.  Sarah Simmons's style just sounds like her ex-teammate Caroline Glaser, with a higher vocal range. i didn't like her version of Sarah McLachlan's Angel last week (of course, i'm biased) but she did better with her rendition of The Story today.    Vedo and Kris Thomas have the same style, although Kris has the advantage because he sounds like a girl.  he was actually very pitchy today, when he sang the Jackson Five's I'll be There.  it's like he hesitated and if you weren't paying attention, you would have heard that he missed a note.  i think the Swon Brothers are pretty cool but it more has to do with my ignorance of country music that i cannot say much.  i think Danielle Bradbery is great artist waiting to happen, kinda like a young Carrie Underwood.  Garrett Gardner.  hmmm . . . while i agree with Shakira that you have to take big risks in order for you to reap big benefits, the song, was just not right.  doing a rock version of the Backstreet Boys' I Want it That Way is not like Marty Casey doing his version of Britney's (Hit Me, Baby) One More Time or Linkin Park's Rolling in the Deep or My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way of Rihanna's Umbrella.  it just did not work.  nope.

 photo josiah-hawley_zpsc1e09d92.png
Josiah Hawley

while i think he's cute, i'm still not sure i agree with his coach Usher that he is a young Adam Levine. i'm still trying to make up my mind about him.

 photo michelle-chamuel_zpscdb4a543.png
Michelle Chamuel

i really think Michelle is an underdog.  she's very talented and you can, as a viewer, immediately underestimate her because of her appearance.  the moment she opens her mouth to sing, while there is a little hesitation, you know that she is speaking from the heart.

 photo judith-hill_zps51bcc465.png
Judith Hill

this wonderful lady of both Japanese and African-American descent used to do back up vocals for the King of Pop Michael Jackson.  yes, you read that right, MICHAEL JACKSON.  she is slowly making a name for herself in the show.  she is such an artist.  in a way, she reminds of me what David Cook used to do, during his AI stint.  he would come up with his own arrangements of the classics, Hello, Billie Jean and of course, he made me appreciate Mariah Carey's Always be my Baby.  but Judith is much more than that.  she can hold the crowd.  like Michelle Chamuel, she has a way of making the crowd fall in love with her.  she brings me to tears when i hear her sing.

Filipinos are known now all over the world not just for our domestic helpers, caregivers and nurses, but for Manny Pacquiao and world class singers like Lea Salonga, Arnel Pineda, Charice Pempengco (so the girl lost it, but you can't change the fact that she's got the voice), Jessica Sanchez (we all jumped and rode the wagon with her) and a number of others who have Filipino blood in their genes.  we all love to sing, even though sometimes singing doesn't really love us back.  that's why we have so many karaoke** outlets out there.  we are all very critical of musical artists (because sadly, not a lot of us like to read, or appreciate a sculpture or painting - unless it's a graphic novel) we're a third-world country, we have to amuse ourselves and poke fun on somebody else to keep us from remembering that our bellies our empty.  i know i always said i sing better when i'm hungry.

i really can't wait to see what happens in The Voice this season.  we will see if their viewers are more discriminating than the ones who vote in AI.

*photos courtesy of nbc.com

** i would rather be in a videoke bar with a person who is out of tune but tries than one who is in tune but 1) takes too long to be convinced to get the microphone to sing; and 2) hogs the microphone the moment he/she has it.