Sunday, May 19, 2013

now that they shot there, i want to go there too

i missed the match-airing finale episode of the Survivor Caramoan: Fans vs. Favorites, because i had to work during the day as part of the preparation for my new role which will start in July 2013.  i didn't mind since i knew they were showing the replay today.  and my favorite people won.

   photo malcolmampcochran_zps5c3127ec.jpg

both Cochran and Malcolm have been watching Survivor since they were kids.  they're both big fans of the show.  while i do have a preference for Malcolm, i do think that John deserved to win.  i mean, i could totally understand Malcolm's question to John during Tribal Council, about what he thought he had over Malcolm.  i have the utmost respect for John. he is funny, he is brilliant and he is a big strategic threat.  Malcolm, on the other hand, is both a physical and strategic threat.  he can slap you in the face and you would still hand over the million dollars to him, which is why he got voted out so quickly in the game that featured veterans like him.  so sad.  but he won the $100K.  yey!


i don't want to be an alien to my own country.  i also do have to make good my word to go out and take more vacations.  so i intend to save some money and get some leave days in order to visit Caramoan.  the place is already famous in itself, which is why they shot there, but i guess now, they will do some more marketing maneuvering and jack up the prices some more because of Survivor.  i really think it would be a good place to go to.  i could really lose weight out there. lol.

anyway, i really hope i can go there.  and hopefully, you will go with me.  i know it's a long shot but a girl can dream, right?  so i can truly be happy :)