Thursday, May 23, 2013

my reunion with The Outsider

i rarely go out with my roommates/officemates when they go out on breaks now. normally when they go on break, i'm doing something for my boss and i don't get to follow them when i say i would so they don't bother to ask me to go with them. hell, they don't even bother to ask me if i needed anything. which is different by the way. anyway, i digress. i went with them today.

i'm actually glad i did.

 photo 7fd1b420-9ec5-42b5-9583-c4e1f8a18012_zps7113a227.jpg

while we were walking to Jamba Juice i saw a familiar face but i couldn't stop staring, which was rude, of course, because while i thought the face was familiar, i wasn't really sure. good thing i recognized his companion too: Gang Badoy!

i've known Gang from the Tequila Sunrise concerts and i saw her last the early morning Jade and i had sex. yes. anyway. i have been a fan of Gang's massive social work. it's like there is no bad bone in her body, everything was just meant to be good to people by educating them, making them politically aware, etc. so i approached them. and i was able to confirm that the familiar face was, my crush of 2004, Erwin Romulo. it was nice to see him again, although i felt really awkward considering i know all of these things about him and he looked like he was still trying to recall most of what i have been saying, if they actually occurred or not,  plus i asked about his ex-wife. yes, awkward. but he looked really good :)

i disrupted their dinner long enough so after we had this picture taken, and my companions were already waiting (one of them obviously wanted to leave me already - what did i ever do to you?!), i said my goodbyes but i did promise to keep in touch.  or something.

i usually am pretty behaved even when i am star struck.  you know, like i try to act cool and natural under pressure (it is my job, after all, to work with important people with grace under pressure - does David Bowie and the rest of the Queen members get any royalty whenever people use that phrase?) even when i'm so excited that i can't contain myself. i do.  but i was so anxious to see them.  they're like rock, radio, writer and what-have-you royalty and seeing them again brought me back to that annoying stalker-like kid from almost a decade ago.  seeing them made me feel like a part of me was brought back because i lost so much. they may have no idea and couldn't care less about me (the fact that i can remember things from nine years ago about someone proves how pathetic i am or how great my memory is - thank You, God!) but what they did for me, when i was alone, when my girlfriend left me, when i was studying for the bar, when this or that guy just asked me out for sex and not see the beautiful person that i was, that meant something to me.  i may not be a lot of things right now, but i would like to think that made me better.  what i picked up from my interactions with them just reinforced the values i believe in and still follow now,  making me the better, less annoying but still stalker-like person i am today.

i think.