Sunday, April 21, 2013

if you can be both right and kind at the same time, why would you not be?

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i first heard about the book during an office function.  one of our leaders said that he read this book in order to be able to talk about something with his children.  you could tell immediately after that function that the  people who loved reading, checked out the book.  i know because i did, and it was already out of stock.

it took a few weeks before i got my copy and another few weeks before i started reading it.  i was in the middle of something when i got the book so i just finished reading it today.

the book is about August Pullman.  he is born with facial deformity and has had several surgeries even before he reached the age of ten.  his doctors believe him to be a miracle, as they did not expect him to live.  he is about to start mainstream school as a fifth-grader and for any ordinary kid, it is difficult already for one to fit in.  what more an ordinary kid like Auggie, with an extraordinary face?

i liked the book because it didn't feel like i was reading a children's book.  it had some really quaint music and movie references and the lessons that can be learned from it are relevant and deep.  it speaks not only from the perspective of Auggie, the kid with the deformity, but from the point of view of his sister, his best friends in school, his sister's boyfriend, his sister's best friend.  at the surface, one would think that it is very overwhelming for Auggie, being the one with the deformity, in a new school, away from the protection of his parents and his sister, but then again, we also see how his sister feels, and how his best friends feel about hanging out with him, being ostracized by everyone else, having been associated with him.

in the end, despite appearances, people can surprise you.  they can be there for you when you least expect them to, and the ones whom you didn't expect to inspire you, are the ones who give you strength.

in the book, it is said that if you had the choice between being right and being kind, choose to be kind;  be kinder than necessary.  but if you can be both, why would you not be?