Tuesday, April 09, 2013

happy day of valour

while preparing for work, i suddenly remembered alex.  it's weird.  i always say that the only women who proposed to me are lesbians, but now that i think about it, the closest thing i got to a marriage proposal from a man, was by alex.

he wanted to take responsibility for me at the time and while i was scared and alone,  i didn't think it was right for him to do so.  i didn't know how it would work.  i didn't even know if it was his or not.  all i know was i wanted to take responsibility for my actions because it was the right thing to do.

that was the last time i saw him.

alex and i, we were crazy.  we couldn't get our hands off each other but strangely enough, i was the only one who thought we could've been a good match.  of course, i didn't want to admit it at the time,  but i was waiting for him to take me seriously, i was waiting for him to see more than just a stop when he came by.  i was waiting for him to see me.  and now, like the rest of them, he has found his happily-ever-after.

with someone else.


i woke up today thinking that i was going to fix myself up.  i don't know why.  i just wanted to look pretty. it has been proven that when you look pretty, the one person you want to see, never really sees you;  but when you look like crap, you see them all the time.

i was losing hope that i was ever going to see you, what with everyone complimenting me how hot i looked and my day was close to ending.  

and then there you were:  you looked so happy to see me.  i've never seen anyone look at me like that.  i felt so beautiful. a good morning, indeed!  

thank you.  you have no idea how happy you made me feel.