Monday, March 11, 2013

that rattle actually helps you fight to the death

one of my favorite movies from the 80s is the Karate Kid.  we learned to "wax on, wax off" , "sand the floor" and "paint the fence", not knowing that those were techniques to defensive blocks via muscle memory.  that movie really made us want to do martial arts.  i know i did.

 photo Karate_kid_part_II_zps39ba0662.jpg

aside from having this humongous crush on Ralph Macchio when i was younger, i am very fond of its sequel, Karate Kid II.  after winning the All Valley Karate Tournament, we find Daniel six months later, left by Ali for a football player in college.  we also find him disappointed because his mother's work requires them to move again to Fresno, but Mr. Miyagi says that the guest room that they are building is actually for Daniel-san.  unfortunately, Mr. Miyagi receives news that his father is dying and that he needs to go back to Okinawa.  Daniel accompanies him.  here we find, that Sato, Miyagi's old best friend, has still been holding a grudge, and has been waiting to fight him to the death for a something they fought about years ago:  a lady named Yukie.

anyway, of course, Miyagi doesn't fight and this angers Sato.  meanwhile, Sato's nephew Chozen, has his own beef with Daniel for messing up his honor.  yes, they really value their honor in Japan.  something we can learn from the Japanese.  too many politicians in the PHL just want to be re-elected they keep forgetting about the more important things like their job, for instance, you know, serving the people, that stuff.

finally, Miyagi agrees to fight Sato on the condition that regardless of who wins, the people in the village get to keep their houses and the land it stands on.  good deal, right?  however, on the night they were supposed to fight, a storm comes and wipes the village out.  Sato thinks that Miyagi found the most convenient way to beat him but Miyagi is actually there to save his ass.  Miyagi, Yukie, Sato, Kumiko and Daniel-san all try to help everyone in the village to safety but Chozen chooses not to (for a while, i thought that was going to be redundant lol) as he refuses to help Daniel save the girl stuck in the bell tower because of that whole he-shamed-my-honor crap.  this angers Sato so he says the whole, "you're dead to me now" speech.

after the storm, the village tries to reassemble itself with the surprise from Sato Industries.  this makes everyone very happy and Daniel-san takes the opportunity to get Sato to agree to open the castle so that they can celebrate the O-bon festival there and also, so Kumiko can perform.  Sato agrees because, "Miyagi, your student become my teacher!"

after everybody does the O-bon dance in the castle, Chozen appears in the middle of Kumiko's dance (see, this is where i learned how to use my fan) and tells Daniel-san that he will kill Kumiko if Daniel-san will not fight him to win him back his honor.  this is not a drill, kid, this is no tournament.  you could actually die.  Chozen is obviously the more experienced fighter than Daniel, the Karate Kid just has more will.  Miyagi brings out his rattle, err, drum and beats it.  the other villagers do the same.  apparently, the drum technique applies in fight-to-the-death situations like these and Daniel picks it up easily.  to make the long story short, Daniel finally overpowers Chozen and gives him a choice whether to live or die.  Chozen, of course, wants to die instead of facing the humiliation but Daniel chooses to tweak and honk his nose instead.

to cap it all off, Peter Cetera's Glory of Love plays during the end credits.  yes, aside from the ass-kicking, it is a love story, after all.