Sunday, March 24, 2013

In Plain Sight: Mary and me

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i've been quoting a lot of Mary lately.  i can relate to her.  she is so much like me, only hotter and with a gun.

Mary is a Deputy US Marshall working in the office of the Federal Witness Protection Program in this show called In Plain Sight.  it follows Mary as she tries to balance her life with the people she works with, the people she protects and the people she loves.  having been lied to and abandoned, she took on the role of being the sober grown up in the family, which explains why she is always angry.  her professional partner, co-worker and best friend Marshall, is her unlikely source of useless information.  he is a nerd with a gun.  but he is a hot nerd which i like seeing on TV all the time.  very cerebral and sexy, with his tight jeans and all.  did i say he had a gun?

anyway, like i said, i like quoting Mary.  she kinda reminds me of me.  she's in her thirties, she's obsessed with her work, she would rather deal with her witnesses and co-workers than deal with family, she is angry all the time, but she kicks ass in her work.  she is great at protecting witnesses, although her following her gut can sometimes clash with Marshall's cerebral approach.  they are extremely protective of each other and know each other like a book.  well, Marshall knows Mary like a book and Mary, well, she couldn't care less. lol.  okay, so maybe that's where our similarities end.  i do care.  i am angry all the time but i do care. i try not to be unpleasant to people if i can help it.  i care because i don't just represent myself, but i also do represent the higher authority i work for so i can't just shoot people when i want to; plus i don't have a gun, and even if i did, i hate them and i'd throw them away.  i don't have a hot ex-fiance, i don't have an intellectual partner who watches my back and would die for me.  i just have me.

Mary shuts people out of her life most of the time. so maybe we are the same.  her writers make her say words that speak to me, make sense to me; not just because she reminds me of me.  i like her because it means i'm not so alone.

"We forget sometimes how much the world can hurt. It can hurt people we love, people we don't, people caught in the middle, even people who would give anything if they could just never ever get hurt again, but sometimes the hurt can't be avoided. It's just coming at us and can't be stopped. It's in us and can't be seen, or it's lying next to us in the dark, waiting but sometimes it doesn't come at all. Sometimes we get this other thing that flutters down out of nowhere and stays just long enough to give us hope. Sometimes rarely, barely, but just when we need it the most and expect it the least, we get a break."

Mary Shannon, In Plain Sight