Friday, March 15, 2013

angry girl journal 03.15.2013

i think it is a great disservice to me that people only come to me when they need money, when they need a place to stay, when they need someone to lie for them, when they need a warm body to sleep with, or when they need someone to save their ass. then they abandon me and leave me for dead whenever they feel like it.

it is a great disservice to me because they're never there when i need them.

while i am pretty self-sufficient and it is not like me to expect people to give me back in return what they ask from me,  it is just disappointing to know that there are people like that.  they don't seem to remember me when they're happy or well-off.  they even blame me and make me feel like it's my fault when they fail and then they expect me to save them. 

how do these people live with themselves?