Saturday, February 02, 2013

too much candy

for starters, this is NOT a date.

i've been wanting to see the movie ever since i saw the trailer.  i fell in love with Jeremy Renner ever since the Bourne Legacy and i always thought Gemma Arterton was hot.


i intended to see it alone but since a friend wanted to see me, i told him i'd meet him to watch the movie and then just hang out afterwards.  i couldn't convince him to watch Les Miserables.

the story is about the adult life of Hansel and Gretel after they defeat the witch that trapped them in the gingerbread house.  they become famed bounty hunters dedicated to mercilessly exterminating witches. they are immune to spells and curses, however, Hansel is diabetic and has to take a regular shot of insulin everyday.

i thought it was a bad-ass movie.  i liked it.  i also dream of one day fitting into Gretel's pants if i can't get into Hansel's.