Sunday, December 02, 2012

my favorite Survivor Philippines castaway

it's been a while since i last followed Survivor.  you think that when we had the Philippine version that i would follow it but i didn't.  but i am following the season that they are doing here in the Philippines. and i am loving it.

there are three tribes:  Matsing (monkey), Kalabaw (water buffalo) and Tandang  (rooster), made up of fifteen new players and three returning players who were initially pulled out of the game because of medical reasons.  when they merged, their name became Dangrayne which is a pun on "damned rain" which the castaways all experienced when they were here in the island. like it was a big deal. wussies.  lol.


my favorite is Malcolm. i really like the way he is playing the game so far.  he and Denise are the only two castaways from the original Matsing tribe who survived the merge.  they have been separated and reunited and he has shown what a formidable contender he is, both physically and mentally.  i also found it amazing that he has a big heart.  a recent episode showed that part of their reward was to deliver school supplies and toys to a village in Caramoan, Camarines Sur; and i really liked it when he said that it reminded him of something that he used to do back in the US, that he started something there and doing this again, reminded him of who he was and why he loved playing the game in the first place.  currently working as a bartender in the US, he said he missed doing charity work back home and was glad that he could do this out here.

of course, it also helps that he's gorgeous and smart, that's why i love him.  i hope he wins.