Sunday, December 09, 2012

our lives are not our own

while i didn't follow the Matrix trilogy, i did watch Inception.


so i get it.

i haven't finished reading the book but i jumped at the chance to see the movie Cloud Atlas because ever since seeing the trailer, i have been anticipating it.  i was so amazed i even searched long and hard for the book. aside from the music that makes my eyes swell up every time i hear it, Jim Sturgess got me addicted to the trailer.  seriously, before this movie, i never saw him as an action hero.  he was to me, the asshole Dexter from One Day who doesn't realize how much Emma loves him until it's too late.  here in Cloud Atlas, he is a man with a mission.


in order to make the movie cohesive, there is a comet-shaped birthmark in the main character for each of the six stories to make them intertwine. i haven't encountered in my readings any of the characters to have the birthmark, or maybe there is, i just haven't gotten to that part yet.  the book is made up of six stories, all cut in the middle for the reader from the next story to look for while reading, thereby showing the connection of the stories to each other.  the premise of the book and its film adaptation is that all of us are connected, we all keep committing the same mistake every time we reoccur in life and somehow, we still end up being with the someone meant for us.


i especially liked the love story between Rufus Sixsmith and Robert Frobisher and that of Sonmi 451 and Hae-Joo Chang. i loved how these two love stories get portrayed in the movie, and while i know it's a big spoiler as i read the book, i look forward to reading the book even more because of knowing it.  the novel itself deals with a lot of issues:  homosexuality, slavery, revolution, suicide, among other things, although when you see the trailer you just think it's a romantic film that discusses reincarnation, and how you end being with the same person you love in another place and time.  it helps that Jim Sturgess stars alongside other big name actors such as Halle Berry, Tom Hanks, Susan Sarandon, Ben Whishaw, James D'Arcy and Jim Broadbent;  there's also Hugo Weaving and Hugh Grant who play mostly villains in all six stories (except maybe in the fourth story where Hugo plays a woman) and Doona Bae who is his love interest in the first and fifth stories. i found it amusing that the actors play different roles in all six stories, and i gave myself a prize when i recognize one of them.

i'm hoping to see it again, i'm hoping to finish the book to look for the parts in the movie i loved the best.  i know it will make me cry, but i look forward to it anyway. the movie has a lot of great quotes and the parts i've read in the book so far has the same as well.

i wonder who i will connect with in the next life . . .