Sunday, December 30, 2012

angry girl journal 12.30.2012

so this is how it's going to be?  you're really not going to talk to me?  what did i do to you?

okay, i know what i did.

i said i was sorry.  i said i didn't mean to.  i also said that i know enough to know not to go to your house when i'm drunk or vulnerable.  or both.  you know what happens next.  i hate that we don't get to talk anymore.  i hate that i miss you and because of that, because of my stupidity, i can't run to you anymore.

i don't have anyone to run to anymore.

i really value your friendship and it hurts me to know that you're mad at me.  it hurts to know that we can't be  that way anymore considering it took a while for me to get over us not being the other way, you know.

i really miss you.  we need to catch up.  it's been a while.

we need to talk.

can we talk?