Monday, November 12, 2012

Skyfall: one of the best Bond movies i have seen

i think i saw the last Bond movie with my Dad when he was still alive. i saw this movie alone on my day off.

i grew up watching Bond movies and our family made sure to watch each and every one.  my favorite has to be A View to a Kill, with Roger Moore, but i love it because of Christopher Walken who plays the villain in the film. i loved the music they used for all the films.  i especially liked it when Pierce Brosnan played James Bond.  i loved all his movies.  he was so hot and like Sean Connery, when you thought of James Bond, he would come up like a pop-up box.

when Daniel Craig became the new James Bond, it took some getting used to.  he was the first blonde Bond and while he still had the swagger and the really dry Brit accent, he didn't fit the tall, dark, handsome image of the Bond i got accustomed.

most of the previous Bond films were about war and world domination, revenge.  Skyfall is no different.


what makes me say that this is one of the best Bond movies i have seen is the fact that Daniel Craig totally embraced it, for me.  sure, it's still violent (though not as violent as the other films), it's still about revenge and espionage but this one shocked me, amazed me and made me think.  we are in the age where Big Brother watches our every move, everything seems to be flowing smoothly and it would make you wonder if we still needed Her Majesty's Secret Service for anything.  it made James Bond, the man, question his decisions, his life as an assassin.  as Craig himself describes his portrayal of the role, is he a good guy or is he a bad guy who works for the good side?  by the end of the film, you know where he stands but it still makes you question the man and the job.

Skyfall bids farewell to Dame Judi Dench as M and gets Ralph Fiennes as the new M, Ben Whishaw as the new MI6 quartermaster Q and Javier Bardem as the main antagonist, Raoul Silva.  don't even get me started with his character.  he is creepy and he didn't even need a white furry cat or metal teeth to be one.

minus time constraints, i would've wanted to see Skyfall again, before they fill all the theaters with that pathetic vampire movie.  watching the movie made me feel like a kid again, with my Dad smoking a cigarette while drinking Coca Cola and my Mom covering my eyes when Daniel Craig had his top off.  good times.