Sunday, November 11, 2012

angry girl journal 11.11.2012

a lot of people tell me that i never stop to think about what i say first before saying them. you should hear what people say to me. it kinda makes you think if they ever stopped to think about what they said first before they finally blurt it out to hurt my feelings.


i don't pretend to be somebody i'm not.  you can only lie about your flaws for so long.  of course, i try to improve myself but that's the point, i don't even make it easy for people i actually like.  i do have a tendency to push people away.  it's a gift. i try to make sense of things.  i try to make it better for me and the people around me.  i try to keep myself a little saner so i don't scare the people at work.   the one time that i do want to pull someone, he doesn't love me back, so i don't really bother anymore.  does that make sense?