Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ten Reasons why YOU are NOT your crush's crush


i recently bought this book by Ramon Bautista, which i guess, is a compilation of all the questions and answers he got from his Twitter and Formspring accounts.  it's very entertaining and humorous.  you'd be surprised at the type of questions he gets asked and the answers he provides.  it also comes with a free notebook.

anyway, according to Ramon Bautista, these are the ten reasons why you are not your crush's crush*:
1.  you're ugly.

2.  you have a bad attitude.

3.  you are already taken.

4.  he/she is already taken.

5.  he/she is gay.

6.  your horoscopes don't match.

7.  you seem okay but his/her friends have already said bad things to him/her about you.

8.  you are high maintenance.

9.  you like the TV shows that he/she doesn't like.

10.  you are not on his/her radar, a.k.a.  he/she just doesn't notice you.

it's a pretty good read when you're stuck in traffic and you don't have wifi on your phone.  it's just that when you've reached my age, you just don't want to know why your crush doesn't like you.  you just don't.

as Jessica Zafra stated in Chicken Pox for the Soul (in essence), if he/she does not like you (or was it come back to you?), it must be destroyed.  

*translated in english because i am assuming i have people not from PHL who bother to read this.