Thursday, October 11, 2012

because i have so much l♥ve (blood) to give . . .

i've always wanted to know what it feels like to donate blood.  i know i can donate considering how healthy (?) i am  and how healthier it would make me when i did.  not to mention the intangible altruistic feeling that came with being able to help out somebody who needed it.

there was this question i had difficulty answering during the screening and i think you know what it is but i'm glad i was able to donate blood despite of it.  and save face.

we had visitors coming in yesterday so i really wanted to get it over with.  not that the task didn't mean anything to me, i just thought i didn't need to rest that long afterwards.  i had somewhere i needed to be.  darn audit.

and this is my prize for not being scared of the needle:


i was kinda dizzy as the shift progressed but that was from too much running around in heels with no sustenance whatsoever.  i made up for it when i did.

i know i whine a lot because sometimes,  someone who doesn't deserve it gets commended  and i am overlooked, but now that i've donated blood, it feels good.   i now know that people don't have to notice that you're doing something good for somebody else.  not everyone has to know that you're helping people out, just as long as you know it and it matters to the person out there that you've helped, because that's the reason why you did it in the first place.

so to you out there, with type B blood, or if you're a vampire and you're thirsty, i hope my love reaches you well.