Wednesday, September 19, 2012

yes, Adam, for you i would miss work


 yep, i don't mind missing work for that.

i really didn't want to miss work. but i missed them the first time they were here and i did say that i was going to try to watch more gigs and go out more. so we went to see Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 (i promised myself that after tonight, i was going to make myself more familiar with the other band members' names and some of their newer hits) perform at the Smart Araneta Coliseum.

 i was scared that for this tour they would limit their set list to songs that are only from the new album and my favorite song came from their first album, Songs About Jane, back when they were just starting. i first heard Harder to Breathe from NU107, in 2002. they weren't the very famous pop band that they are now, and i kinda pride myself for being one of the first few who knew them before everybody else. thankfully, this is a Greatest Hits tour, and this is their set list:

Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough (Michael Jackson cover)
Makes Me Wonder
Lucky Strike
Sunday Morning
If I Never See Your Face Again
Wipe Your Eyes
Won’t Go Home Without You
Harder To Breathe
Wake Up Call
One More Night
Hand’s All Over
This Love
Don’t Forget Me

Seven Nations Army
She Will Be Loved (acoustic)
Stereo Hearts
Don't You Want Me
Sexy Back (with Gangnam style)
Moves Like Jagger

we had good seats (minus the legroom), we weren't too close and not too far from the stage. we were surrounded by kids who couldn't even afford to buy their own tickets.  i felt so old.   the Coliseum was so packed i was afraid i was going to faint.  and then the girls started screaming.  i thought the show was going to start on time.  and then this band called The Cab comes out.  the girls started screaming some more and singing along and me and my friends were just sitting there, wondering who these kids were.

i AM getting old.

i didn't really like them and it's not just because i was old.  as my friend remarked, he wasn't a big fan of Linkin Park, but at least Chester knew how to sing.  these kids, they were forgettable.  sorry.

we wait for another hour or so for Maroon 5 after The Cab step out and when they did, it was worth the wait.


i thought there were times that the transition in between songs weren't so fluid but then i may have been deaf because of all the screaming.  at one point, when Adam was singing "Every night you cry yourself to sleep thinking: "Why does this happen to me? Why does every moment have to be so hard?", i was teary-eyed and i remembered you, i don't know why.  ugh.  it's a good thing they moved on to Harder to Breathe and i was smiling and singing along again.

for the encore, they came back with Adam on drums, and James Valentine (their guitarist) singing vocals for Seven Nation Army.  i thought that was really cute and amusing for them to cover that.  i really loved it.  then they performed a stripped version of She Will Be Loved which i adored.  that almost performance of Gangnam Style was a nice twist.  Adam swinging and swaying his hips and sticking his tongue out occasionally already drove me (and everybody else) crazy so him just implying to do that was awesomely interesting.

before they end the show, Adam and the band thanked everyone in the audience. they say they have a special spot for the Philippines in their hearts.  they then proceed to play Moves Like Jagger and the crowd goes wild.

i really loved this show.  i love the band and all of their songs and i'm so glad i missed work for it.  after all, you only live once.  now, it's back to reality.