Sunday, September 23, 2012

we all want our Ruby Sparks to come to life


i always say this line, "i am not here, i am just a figment of your wild imagination".

Ruby Sparks is the story of Calvin Weir-Fields, a young novelist who came up with a successful novel when he was 19 but is currently experiencing a writer's block.  his therapist gives him an assignment to write a paper about someone who likes his dog, Scotty.  he dreams up a young woman who likes the dog and draws a picture of  Scotty.  that young woman becomes the protagonist of his new novel, and her name is Ruby Sparks.  she comes to life in his living room and at first he doesn't believe it until he notices that even his brother Harry can see her.

there was a part where it felt really creepy, like when he was typing stuff to make Ruby do things.  it's weird how when we meet the girl/boy of our dreams, we try to change them. she grew apart from him and he just wanted to hold on to that.  she was there the whole time but instead of enjoying every minute he had with her, he took her for granted.

while i really appreciated the movie and its approach to relationships,  what with all of us wanting to conjure up our own ideal boyfriends or girlfriends, i didn't appreciate how it ended.  so he writes a book of fiction which ends up being this best-selling novel after his hiatus. suddenly he meets Ruby again. but what about the people from his family who already met her, while she, on the other hand, has no recollection that the relationship ever happened?  life imitates fiction.  then fiction becomes life.  and then what?

i want my Dexter, my Bones, somebody to come to life for me.  but if they don't end up being the one i wanted, i hope i don't push them away.

i wish i could end this better but stranger things have happened.