Tuesday, September 04, 2012

the law and Iron Man

i studied law because my father made me. one of the reasons i came to terms with wanting to be a lawyer and not just to shut my father up was Ally McBeal.  so i wasn't anorexic like she was but the idea that after a really long day in court, i could let my hair down in a bar and Robert Downey Jr. will be there singing The Police's Every Breath You Take to me was very appealing.


i can't help but think that maybe if i had passed, then i wouldn't feel so rusty (and stupid) when people ask me a legal question.  maybe my father wouldn't be so unhappy when he died.  i did say i want to shift careers and i want to be able to move on to a direction that makes use of what i learned. there are times when i feel i'm not working to my full potential. i don't have to be a lawyer.  we all know that ship has sailed, but i still think that i can work in a department that allows me to help people and make use of that knowledge.

and go to a bar where Robert Downey, Jr. is singing The Police's Every Breath You Take.