Wednesday, September 12, 2012

angry girl journal 09.12.2012

you don't love me.  you don't care about me.  you only say you care about me when i ask you to.  or when you're forced to.  i can't go on living with just that.

i have always loved you.  even though you've hurt me so many times i never stopped loving you.  i love you with all the broken pieces of my heart.  but to think that i will sit around here and wait for you to wake up one morning thinking that you love me - IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

i can't live like this.  i have to move on.  i have to do what makes me happy.  i have to do what's best for me.


i like you.  i really do.  i enjoy the banter we have.  you're really very nice, but i don't think you're interested. you're just very nice and i enjoy every single second that i get to talk to you because i don't think we have that much time.  besides, i don't think you'd like to date an overweight boring spinster who works for the big boss.


i am happy that i have you.  you are very objective.  you are always there to listen to what i have to say and you appreciate me for who and what i am.  i don't mind that there is nothing romantic going on between us.  i just love you because you are a great friend to me. i love that we help each other get by.  sometimes all i need to do is get by.