Wednesday, August 29, 2012

why am i drawn to guys who like to gamble?

it may be a coincidence but it just so happens that two of my favorite shows, Bones and Fringe, are from the same network.

how weird and funny is it that the two male characters i am most drawn to on television, Seeley Booth (David Boreanaz) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) BOTH have a GAMBLING problem. Seeley Booth is an FBI agent recovering from his gambling addiction and he acts as the liaison officer between the FBI and the Jeffersonian Institute; while Peter Bishop is the son of "Walternate", the Walter Bishop of the alternate universe.  although he has an IQ of 190, speaks and is fluent in English, Arabic, Persian, Cantonese and Spanish, he dropped out of college with gambling debts.  both are partnered with equally strong women.


another show i like right now is Suits. it premiered in Manila about the same time that my neighbor's cable connection got cut off.  i didn't get reconnected until a few months ago, when the second season was about to start.  you'd think i would pine over the guy with eidetic memory who takes really good care of grandma but somehow, i find myself oggling over the best closer who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room.  so you could understand my reaction when i saw a clip of the show and i saw Harvey Specter playing cards.  what the?!  the asshole gambles too?!?!

i HAVE to get over this pattern.


i love this song from Traumaligno.  when i heard it, i thought it was really deep.  it is what made me want to manage their band.

(Boom Dizon)

Nalimutan ko nang mataranta

Nawala kang muli
Hindi ko tatanungin

Hindi nawawala ang hindi hinahanap
Panong mapapagod ang dati nang pagal
Hindi malilimot ang di mo naintindihan

Humalik sa himpapawid
Arukin ang di maabot
Malayong babalik ka pa
Pumipiglas ang lubid
Yayapos ang alipin
Ang oras
Kapag ika’y nawawala

Nalimutan mo nang magsalita
At tulad ng huli
Purihin ang salarin

Hindi nabibigo ang di nangangahas
Santong pinapako, kumalinga ng wagas
Magsisi’t tumalikod wala ka nang babalikan

obviously, the song has a lot of meaning for me.  because of the song, i met with one of the bands whom i thought had the highest potential to make it big in the local music scene.  sadly, things didn't materialize the way i had envisioned and the dream fizzled before people could ever get to listen to their stories.  also, the song itself is meaningful because of current circumstances.  you know, missing people, broken promises and regrets.  

the song is relatable and at best, very logical.  you cannot find something/someone that doesn't want to be found.  someday, you will also find that there is no turning back.  i hope to be free from my own ropes.