Sunday, August 12, 2012

tears for Fierce


i missed the first time they went over here, and even now that i've seen them, i still can't believe i actually did see them. i wasn't even planning to go see the show, i just happened to be in the area and The Bourne Legacy was already over.  had we seen it after dinner, i would've totally missed the show.  sometimes, you don't plan things, they just happen.  you can also say that i wasn't really thinking straight considering i spent the whole shift packing relief goods and i didn't really get enough sleep since i had to meet my friends for the movie.  my mind and body were both sore so i just gave in to the idea of seeing the concert.  besides, i would really kick myself in the head if i let the opportunity pass a second time.  there wasn't even supposed to be this second show which meant it was giving me the chance to see the band.  i was paying for two shows in one.

the show opened with Per Sorensen of the now-defunct Fra Lippo Lippi doing songs from his new album and of course, most of the songs we grew up with.  he's really old (he's old he even brought his 26-year old son to play on keyboards for the tour old), but still lanky and his voice breaks every once in a while but the audience doesn't care.  it's one of those times i don't really mind paying for community singing, or for really cheap seats.  well, they weren't that cheap, but i didn't mind being at the general admission section, like really far away from the stage.  i was there for the music.  i loved singing along and i didn't mind if the people behind me were messing up the words while they were singing along.  i was just glad to be there.

during intermission, this nice lady from Wolverhampton, England did a four-song acoustic set.  i really liked her, Carina Round.  i thought she had some great stories to tell.  she even encouraged the audience to sing back up for her on her last song, Backseat.  the song gave me goosebumps.  that the audience was singing with her and it was a beautiful song was wonderful. i wanted to go get her record (i checked later after the show - too expensive!) or get a guitar to try to learn the song.

after much sound checking by the band's sound engineers, Tears for Fears finally came out.  you hear the intro for Everybody Wants to Rule the World and you get a roar from the audience.  they're older but the music has been the same, those songs i've gone crazy around singing along to. it's like their voices have even gotten better with age.  you can sort of tell, though, that some of the songs were a bit slower in tempo but they were great just the same.  Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal alternately did vocals for their hits, and even Carina Round was doing back up vocals.  the proceeds of the merchandise sale they said would go to the Red Cross.  it's amazing how these last two nights, they have come to love Manila (they will perform in Cebu as well) and found it was their responsibility as artists to give back because of the devastation brought about the monsoon rains and flash floods.  they thought it best not only to entertain but to give back.  awww.

i've heard so many versions of Mad World, but as Curt stated, the original is still so much better.  so once the intro for Head Over Heels is played, the crowd gets wild and everybody is singing along.  then Roland skips the last two words and the whole band walks out of the stage with him.  you hear the audience calling out to them, and singing the chorus to Shout for a while but they don't go out.  they probably waited for about five minutes.  para encore nga daw talaga hahaha!   they come back to sing Woman in Chains and of course, the crowd favorite that called them back to the stage, Shout.

i enjoyed the show immensely.  i will not let my fears get in the way of my happiness again.  after all, weekends are too short.