Thursday, August 23, 2012

because what takes years to build takes only minutes to destroy

i've been working on this deck for my boss.  he was asked to do a presentation for a bunch of high potential agents currently on leadership training.  his topic is based on the book by Stephen M. R. Covey.

the book focuses on the premise that while trust that took years to build can easily be destroyed, it doesn't mean that it cannot be earned back.  it teaches the reader principles that can be applied to both professional and personal life.

by behaving in ways that build trust, you make deposits.  by behaving in ways that destroy trust, you make withdrawals.  the balance in the account reflects the amount of trust in the relationship at any given time.


13 Behaviors
1.  Talk straight

2. Demonstrate respect

3. Create Transparency

4.  Right wrongs

5.  Show loyalty

6. Deliver results

7.  Get Better

8. Confront Reality

9.  Clarify Expectations

10. Practice accountability

11. Listen First

12.  Keep Commitments

13.  Extend Trust

i really liked the book.  each of the thirteen behaviors had explanations that you can practice in school, at work, or in your whole life in general.

trust is something of really great value that only takes minutes to destroy once lost.  i should know, i've been burned many times.  i wish the people who burned me had a chance to read this book.  i read this book not just because the project is important to my boss, or that trust is important to him.  i read this book because trust is important to me and i learned a lot from reading it.  if only it was just as important to you too.