Thursday, August 02, 2012

a most fitting conclusion to the epic trilogy


i enjoyed it immensely i want to see it again. i really do.

i watched this movie alone.  i had to prove that i was not afraid.  as i write this, i am saying a prayer for all the victims at the Dark Knight Rises Colorado massacre.

so after an eight year hiatus, Batman decides that he wants to go out again and save Gotham City.  Commissioner Gordon decides he wants everyone to know that Harvey Dent wasn't exactly the man the city believed him to be.  however, before he can resign and make his speech, Bane beat him to it.  Miranda Tate tries to save Wayne Enterprises but she turns out to be the villain who wants to blow the city to smithereens.  who knew she was Ra's al Ghul's daughter? i seriously didn't see that coming, knowing she was that child who got out of that prison and Bane was her protector.  astig.

i seriously loved this film.  running on twenty-four hours of no sleep coming from a shift, then fixing house papers and payments and meeting a friend afterwards.  i was really tired but i told myself i may never have the opportunity to see it.  so i did.

besides, i needed to take my mind off of you.

anyway,  the movie was great.  Anne Hathaway was so great in those fight scenes and in that leather cat suit.  Christian Bale, of course, is amazing.  Joseph Gordon Levitt is so hot.  so hot.  the boy wonder is so hot.  he inherits the Batcave from Bruce.   Albert finally gets to see Bruce and his girlfriend, Selina (yes, in this movie, Catwoman ends up with Batman) have a dinner in Florence.  Commissioner Gordon still doesn't know that Bruce is Batman and Lucius Fox finds out months later that Batman didn't really die.  everybody is happy.