Thursday, July 26, 2012

angry girl journal 07.26.2012


another reason i love NCIS, aside from the fact that Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is hot, is the partnership between Ziva and Tony.  they protect each other and watch out for each other's backs.

i may have found him.  i found my straight male best friend.  he's smart and sweet and attractive and he can easily beat up anybody who tries to mess with me. i don't have to see him everyday, i don't have to keep asking him, but i know in my heart and in my mind that if i needed him, he would be there for me.  i think.  i mean, with him i'm sure, i know, that  he's there for me.  something i never got with you.  i never had any assurance that you would be there for me,   that you would stick your neck out for me the way i always get out of my way to watch your back.  i don't know why i took his friendship for granted the way you take me for granted.  but now i've  ruined it and i don't know how i can bring him back.  i don't know how we'll talk again seeing i gave him up for you.  i miss him so much.

i like the partnership between Tony and Ziva.  something i wish for but may never ever have.