Sunday, June 17, 2012

when was the last time you saw a gig of a local band?

such a sweet lady.  Cynthia Alexander came in saying hi to everybody in that cramped bar and you just want to squeeze and hug her for just being that.  she even haggled with the people inside, asking them if they could switch places for the people outside who couldn't get in.


Cynthia Alexander is leaving because she has had limited to no support from the local industry.  and i cannot blame her.  whenever we know that someone like Jessica Sanchez or APL is successful in the US, we want so much for them to come over here to the Philippines, we claim them to be ours, they're Filipinos and we support them, but we don't bother supporting the people making music right here in our backyard. it's just like when NU107 was closing down, Francis Reyes made a remark at the number of people who were calling in, sending text messages and visiting the station as to where they have been hiding all that time.  the support isn't there when you really need it and now it's too late.  again.


 i must admit, the music of Joey Ayala and Cynthia Alexander, and many other local artists and bands don't necessarily appeal to the masses.  they like songs with repetitive and really irritating lyrics.  they like happy songs, even if they don't make sense or if some of them don't really sound like something you want your kids to grow up hearing.  i was really affected by the comment Cynthia made.  she was telling a story about her conversation with Bayang Barrios and then she addresses the audience, "  when was the last time you saw a gig of a local band?"

i try to see as many gigs as my schedule will allow and the ones i want to see always perform during the weekdays while i'm working.  i'm not saying it's an excuse, i'm saying it's an occupational tragedy.  i like supporting local artists but then, sometimes, the downside of it all is that, some of them think that they're too cool to try to make their songs known by a wider audience.  some of them have this "i'm-too-deep-for-your-shallow-brain-to-comprehend" attitude.  i know it's a mean thing to say but it is true.  e. g. i bought the  album of this particular band because i thought their first song was cool and their bassist was hot but save for two or three songs, that album was crap.  i couldn't relate to it, no matter how much i tried.  it's like i was invited to a dinner where everybody knew each other except for you and they keep on talking about something without bothering to fill you in on it and you cannot escape because one of the insensitive jerks there happened to be your ride back to civilization.

because of that remark by Cynthia, i will try as much as i can to watch local gigs during my free time.  i will share their music on this blog and in my Facebook page.  i will talk about them and try to brainwash as many people as i can to getting them to watch the gigs with me.  i will show my support.  i don't want the music to die or leave for another country before i show them how much i care.  i will not take the local music industry for granted.  you shouldn't either.