Sunday, June 24, 2012

the troma reunion

with the exception of Boom whom i saw in 2010 when Cherl and Anna and i went to Palawan, it has been four long years since i last saw the members of the band i used to manage called Traumaligno.  i didn't know how much i had missed them until i saw them again.  everyone was there, save for Eric, who is still in the province because of his printing business.


it was nice catching up but it was nicer to reminisce.  we all didn't part as beautifully as most people would think.  i was pretty upset when the band sort of broke up when i had laid out so many things for them as a band.  2008 was supposed to be our year but then we started having schedule problems, financial problems, employment problems, some of them had marital problems or just problems period.  in short, to my mind, the band didn't get to jump start their career the way i hoped it would.  and they were also having issues amongst themselves so that was something else i had to deal with.  but tonight, nobody remembered that.  now that i think about it, the only reason i remember now was when i started typing this shit.  everybody was just so excited to see everybody and we talked like we just saw each other last week when we all knew it has been years.

we talked about past gigs, past loves (of course, all the gentlemen in attendance brought their one and only loves), flings, issues, sentiments but it was all good.  i had fun catching up with them.  it made me happy seeing them.  they still love me, they were still protective of me, we all had a great laugh until we all had to say goodbye.

maybe we will never get the band together again.  maybe we will.  i don't know.  but what i do know is this:  last night while we were together, i had fun.  we forgot who was mad at who and who was an ass/bitch.  it was all about making music, sharing experiences, good times.  i was with my brothers and their wives.  they were all part of that extended dysfunctional family i was building in my head.  this family didn't always have to get along, but we love each other.  that i know.