Monday, June 25, 2012

the movie rocks.


 i just came home from watching Rock of Ages the movie.  i found it so funny that i'm so excited to see what the musical is like.  i anticipate that there will be many differences between the movie and the play (i haven't seen the play but i did some research online) so i'm wondering how everything will turn out.

Tom Cruise as a singer/rock star is actually not that bad.  i  like him.  the man who likes to run in all of his movies can also sing.  he is very effective as the misunderstood rock star who isolates himself from everyone else because no one can understand what he is going through as an artist.  the other actors, Julieanne Hough and Diego Boneta as Sherrie and Drew, respectively, were characters i definitely fell in love with.  we all love Catherine Zeta-Jones.  but the surprise was definitely Paul Giamatti and Alec Baldwin.  you see them as these really serious actors so to see them play comedic roles and singing at that, was such a delight.  i couldn't stop laughing in my seat by my lonesome.  i didn't feel so alone.

there were also some cameos from Constantine Maroulis, who played Drew in the original Broadway cast; Sebastian Bach of Skid Row, Deborah Anne Gibson (yes, yes, the chick who gave you Electric Youth and Lost in Your Eyes), Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme (he's the guy who plays guitars on More Than Words), and a lot of So You Think You Can Dance finalists.  it's directed by Adam Shankman, after all, with choreography from the great Mia Michaels.

the music.  the music, i fell in love with.  it brought me back to a time when i was so young and didn't know any better but i had fun because it was all for the love of rock and roll.  there was not a dull moment in this movie.  all that time i was either smiling or singing.

better watch it before its run ends.  and go see the play!