Sunday, June 10, 2012

the evil queen hath spoken: love betrays us all

when i was younger i really liked reading fairy tales.  my parents never really read any to me growing up.  i saw them on tv and i learned about them from school so i asked my parents to get me the books.  yes, at some point in my childhood, i asked my parents to educate me and not the other way around.  little did i know that wanting to read about fairy tales would only mislead me about the pitfalls of falling in love and living happily ever after.  of course, they were good books.  they did teach us about courage, friendship, about believing in yourself and your ability to do great things.  fairy tales taught us about true love. but they weren't honest enough to tell us what to do in the absence of it.


my friends and i saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  i don't particularly like Kristen Stewart.  i saw her portrayal of Joan Jett in the movie The Runaways and while it wasn't exactly breathtaking, it wasn't anything like her frigid character in those series of movies where she's torn between a vampire and a werewolf.  i've always admired Charlize Theron and how she's not afraid to look ugly for her roles.  it may have something to do with the fact that she's rumored to be big bitch in real life (she's married to a vampire anyway, Queen of the Damned's Stuart Townsend) so she may not be exerting too much effort. i wanted to see how Chris Hemsworth fits into the story. the mighty Thor is a drunkard/widower on the film.  he's so brave and broken and you just want to keep him and take care of him.

anyway, it became a big disappointment when it turns out to be one of them love triangles again. Snow White is not torn between a vampire and a werewolf this time around, but she's so supposed to be this real hot chick that not only is her childhood sweetheart pining for her, but the strong huntsman is too.  she actually woke up from the huntsman's kiss, not her "prince"  and there are eight dwarves, not seven.  one had to die to follow the story.  it's like Joan of Arc meets Bella Swan (don't even think of calling me that, only one person in the UK can call me that, minus the last name) meets Thor minus the big axe.  at least, the princess here is no damsel in distress.  she's innocent and strays away too much that you may need to protect her from time to time, but she can hold her own.

but there was one line that struck me from the film, that you can't find from the fairy tale but you do experience in real life.  it was when the queen disguised herself as William, Snow White's childhood playmate and now lover, and tricked the princess into eating the apple that caused her death:  love betrays us all.

that is the fine print in all fairy tale love stories.