Thursday, May 10, 2012

what would've been my great thesis in high school

when i was still in high school, we had to write a thesis as a requirement for moving on to the next level and my topic was actually about mental retardation, particularly Down Syndrome. i had an uncle who served as my inspiration. he didn't have Down's but he was what got me to the idea. i wanted to dedicate the book to him, but during the time i was writing the piece, it wasn't exactly under my control. my father thought it wasn't right to write about something personal as it exposes and embarrasses your family. i really wanted to understand why or how my uncle became that way or why there were kids who grew up to be like that. i wanted to know how they deal with it and how their parents deal with it.  what do the parents do to make their child feel loved despite the fact that he/she is different from everyone else?

i got to the part as to how it is defined,  the causes, the symptoms, the types, but i never got to part that i really wanted to discuss in my thesis, which is the effect of the disorder to the family members, and to society.  sadly, after high school, i moved on to other things and forgot to continue my studies on the subject.  i'm not proud of it. 
i love the fact that Glee celebrates the underdog.  here in the PHL, being in the Glee club is the coolest thing, considering that even in a country full of singers, there are still people out there who are tone-deaf.  outside of this country, if you're in Chemistry club or Glee club, you risk getting beaten up by everyone else.   it's not as cool as being a cheerleader or being part of the basketball/football varsity team.  i love the fact that they feature a diverse group of individuals who are musically inclined and i love the fact that they have featured two characters with Down's Syndrome, Sue's sister Jean and Becky Jackson. not only do they bring out the more compassionate side of Sue Sylvester's character,  but they showcase the abilities of these differently-abled individuals.

i admire Lauren Potter.  outside of Glee, she is also a White House advisor since November 2011. President Barack Obama appointed Potter to the President's Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, where she will advise the White House on issues related to that population. i'm glad that the President of the Free World did that.

i'm sad because we don't have that here in the RP.  if we did, i may not be aware of it.  mostly people do not have any patience for them, and while we promote respect and political correctness, more often than not, the opposite happens.   maybe when i'm not too busy trying to help other people or fixing my house papers, i can continue that study the way i've always wanted.