Sunday, May 20, 2012

a much needed pause

so i followed the advice i learned from my recent workshop on self excellence to take a breather. i know i need to save money to pay for estate taxes and mortgage and go back to work again tomorrow and fix my friendships but i just had to get out of the house. i went to mall, even if i hate going to the mall on weekends, and treated myself to watch a movie. well, two.


i first heard about the book that inspired the movie in 1998 when a friend who worked from the radio station formerly known as NU107 was pregnant. of course, giving birth is something i probably will never experience. i can only imagine how it would be like. the movie was okay. it wasn't as funny as i expected it to be. i had high expectations, i guess. but Chace Crawford was hot.


yep, i want him to have my baby.

 i love Johnny Depp. he is such a beautiful man and a great actor. i love that he chooses to play obscure roles and in the movie Dark Shadows, he is no Edward Cullen.


the movie is based on the soap opera that was famous in the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. it is very camp but very funny. i found it totally hilarious. Barnabas Collins was cursed by Angelique, one of their servants, because he wasn't in love with her. she put a spell on the love of his life, Josette, to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff while he became a member of the undead. not only did he have him locked in an iron coffin and buried under the ground but she also made sure that years later, the Collin family business would go bankrupt.  when he finally gets unearthed due to new construction, Barnabas goes back to the Collin mansion to his family and to bring back the glory of their once successful business.  this angers Angelique, who is still alive.  she manages the fishing company that competes with the Collins but she is still very much in love with Barnabas after two hundred years.  she hopes that being buried under the ground gave him time to think and fall in love with him, but it has not.

no, it doesn't work that way, honey.  but the movie is really funny.  i was very much amused by it.   i still have the same problems when i get home but i got to pause.  now i'm ready to go to work tomorrow.