Tuesday, April 24, 2012

the Robin Padilla factor

over the Lenten weekend, i got to see this movie starring Robin Padilla and Ai-Ai Delas Alas. she was a veterinarian whose ex-boyfriend was a freeloader and he was a fireman/single father raising his son after his ex-girlfriend left him for a foreigner. they meet each other when she saves his life by giving him the Heimlich maneuver when he almost chokes to death. he vows to grant her anything she wishes for, which is to have a kid as her biological clock is ticking. however, the whole community and his family, who have high respect for him since he helps everyone, whether it be small or big things, don't really like her. she's not pretty enough. but they end up together and they even have a baby coming. because that's what the director said.

 i have always been a fan of Robin Padilla. the man has humor and angst.  he is the James Dean of our generation. he can make any woman swoon and want to have babies with him. he can make men either want to be him or run after him as well. plus there's a certain humility about him, always respectful, but courageous in the face of danger. yeah, sure, who wouldn't be swept off her feet with that?


my friends tell me that i have high standards.  according to them, seventy-five per cent of the Philippine male population have flat noses. i don't have high standards. if anything, my standards are very low. it's the people whom i pine over with the high standards. but they are right about one thing: i am drawn to the Robin Padilla factor. this is different from just wanting to be with the bad boy and trying to change him. i don't. i'm not into bad boys.  i am into boys who have a stronger personality than me. someone who has the arrogance because he has the brains and the goods, but is also charming and passionate. yes, the Robin Padilla factor.


let's face it:  i'm an acquired taste. i have such a strong personality that tends to turn off certain people, especially the men.  i can't help it: i'm smart, i'm outspoken, i'm independent.  my parents spent for my education and i never really stopped trying to educate myself  even after they died. it intimidates guys. it would be a disservice to My Creator if i didn't use the talents He gave me.  it's hard to be the damsel in distress.  the last time i tried to "dumb myself down", i got an upset stomach.   which is why i'm into a certain type of asshole (just like you can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness, according to Gotye), that type who knows what he's talking about because he's such an expert on the subject matter.  it can be music, mathematics, physics, Microsoft Excel (notice these are things i'm inept at), cars, you know the type that can give you a nerdgasm when they open their mouth to talk.

of course, i've gone out with assholes before.  i've slept with them, fell in love with them.  these are just the assholes per se.  but the kind i really want, those are the ones i cannot have.  they're the ones who can actually make me bend my will because they're more intelligent than i.  or stronger.  whatever.  but that umph. because they're so brilliant you kinda forgive the arrogance.  that was what M was like.  or maybe she was just arrogant.  i forget. Robin Padilla was such a romantic you forget he was a womanizer before he changed religions. 

maybe it's not really what i deserve.  we don't really know what we really need as opposed to want and what we really deserve.  but i do know that i do want to be wooed Robin Padilla style.  for now.