Monday, March 19, 2012

for a good cause

last night, i asked some of my friends to assail their ears for one night. i asked them to sit through comedy bar crap (i know it's an honest living and i do actually have friends who work as entertainers in these places whom i have high respect for - it is just really not for me so i apologize) while waiting for the benefit concert (me and a bunch of gay boy bands - again, i mean well. even though that was mean, donated our talents for a ten-year old boy battling bone cancer) to start.

it was nice to see them again. it is sad that there always has to be some sort of tragedy before you can see some of your most loved old friends again. just like when Karl Roy died, suddenly all of the lovely people whom we have not seen or heard of in a while resurface. i don't want to wait for someone to die before i can see and spend time with all of my friends. i don't want to wait to die before they know how much they mean to me or know how i mean to them. anyway, i digress.

i sang those songs (Whitney Houston's version of I Will Always Love You and Adele's One and Only) and thought of you. i know that i messed them up somewhere as my throat went dry. i was just really grateful that i got through it. it is just sad because the people whose approval i had always sought couldn't be there to see it. i know you're looking down on me, Mom, Dad. i hope i made you proud by putting those good genes you passed on to me to good use. i thank the Lord for giving that talent to use.


i'm hoping to do more benefit shows like that. of course, there's some sort of compromise that you have to do in order to get people to show up and let go of their hard-earned money just to see you hit a few high notes. which means, if i wanted to do my own show, i would have to sing feel good tunes. which i don't want hehehe.

guess that concert in my head will have to wait.