Wednesday, February 08, 2012

too violent for me, but ever so brilliant and fascinating


"On her way to give Blomkvist a Christmas present, Salander spots Blomkvist and Berger walking together happily. Heartbroken, she throws the gift away and rides off on her motorcycle."

-- The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo synopsis according to Wikipedia

i've seen this scene in my life so many times. you know when you love the guy but he runs off with the hot chick, despite everything you did to save him.

according to people who have read the book, this adaptation is way better and much closer to the author's views compared to the 2009 movie. i found it amazing although very violent as the story is about a man, Mikhael, and his mission to find out what happened to a girl who has been missing for the last forty years. as he sets out to discover the details around her disappearance, he, along with his assistant Lisbeth, solve the mystery behind the deaths of at least five other women and reunite the girl with her long lost uncle.

it just shows that no matter how sheltered and pampered we are, there are demons walking amongst us and no one can protect us, if we don't arm (meaning prepare, not like actual guns) ourselves. it makes me sad to think that sometimes, those who are supposed to protect us from harm are those that subject us to it. that is what this movie is about.

i am an angry woman, i have been for most of my life. i still am now. but i am certainly grateful to God that i am able to control that anger, despite many influences or stressors around us that may trigger violent behavior within me. at most, i mutilate myself (which i don't do now) or vent incessantly (which can bore anyone to a coma but not necessarily paralyze anyone) but i am fortunate that i have angels watching over me to make sure i don't burn out.

i was truly shocked and amazed by this film. it shocks and educates. and it reminds me how insensitive guys are. tsk.

can't wait for the sequel.