Sunday, January 22, 2012

people have done stranger things for less

"thank you for reminding me that the only way someone like you would go out with me is if he was forced to!"says Roopi (Goldy Notay) to Raj (Sendhil Ramamurthy - yes, Dr. Suresh from Heroes) after she finds out that he is spying on her in the movie, It's a Wonderful Afterlife.


the movie is about an Indian mother's obsession to marry off her only daughter Roopi, after she finds out that she is dying of cancer. she uses her culinary skills to avenge the failed dates since her daughter is plump and opinionated. the five people she killed came back as spirits to haunt her; they cannot crossover to the afterlife until she dies. so all five spirits, along with the mother, try to find a suitable husband for her, the best candidate being the Sergeant investigating the case of the killer curry. of course, she's the prime suspect. she and her mother.

i'm not even going to get into how disappointed i am that movies set in India get recognized in other countries while the only way Indie Filipino films can get media attention is if it's too violent, or too homosexual. i don't understand it. we should have our rom-coms shown in Star Movies too. otherwise, why do people keep following John Lloyd Cruz for? why is he earning so much? we should have My Amnesia Girl syndicated into the Asian region.

anyway, i digress. i love how funny this movie is. it gives me hope in a way, since Goldy Notay gained weight for this role and lost it all back. in this movie, the smart fat girl gets the guy. her skinny best friend's fiance falls for her too. i like to believe that it's not just good looks that make a girl attractive. sometimes it is nice to know, despite experiencing so many precedents, that we can get the smart attractive guy, that he'll choose us over the ditsy waif. even if our mothers have to murder people in order for us to have a love life. of course, i don't have parents anymore so i'm merely relying on Divine Intervention. many of the classics we read about were based on death for love, whether if it's love of country, love of family, love in general. but i have seen people do worse things for less. so why not love?