Friday, January 13, 2012

dear kidney

i know you're in pain right now, i can feel it. i will have you checked, just not right now. there's just so many things i need to do. and i know you, along with the rest of my body, should come first. i just don't have the time right now. i know i should make time for you. i just can't.

it's just you and me. we can't rely on anybody else. we don't have anyone else. so you can't give up on me, you can't give out on me. you have to be strong for me so i can work. i promise after all this is done, i will have you checked. i will take care of you and not the disease that causes you pain.

i just need to finish this visit, and these projects and i will gladly have myself admitted to the hospital. i know the dangers of not getting you and me checked right away, but i can't leave my work unfinished. it's a lousy excuse, i know. but i have nothing, no one to come back to anyway. so i might as well make sure nobody's going to bug me when i do get confined. i'd rather get things done now and take this long vacation in the hospital than get checked now and have to rush getting well because they need me to be there at work.

besides, we have no one to rely on. no one will take me to the hospital. no one will take care of me while i'm there. NO ONE WILL VISIT.

it's sad when the person to notify in case you're in an emergency is dead. or asleep.

it's just you and me. so cooperate. this too shall pass.