Thursday, December 15, 2011

angry girl journal 12.15.2011

i'm so tired. i am in so much pain. i can hardly stand. my kidneys are acting up again.

i normally have a high tolerance for pain but this is unbearable for me. i wouldn't complain if i can still take the pain. but now, i am having difficulty standing up and i even feel pain when i sit or lie down.

they say that urinary tract infection is common among those who work for a call center (i know i work for a bank now, but it follows the same concept) and i am at risk. i should know because i've already had a kidney stone before. more than anyone, i should be careful: i should drink lots of water, avoid salty foods, eat fresh fruits. and i shouldn't hold my pee when i need to.

good luck with that.

it's sad that the person to notify in case you're in an emergency is dead. or asleep.

i hate getting sick.


i never thought i'd have to say this to you, but i love you. i love you so much. i just don't like you anymore.