Sunday, November 06, 2011

this is truly a crazy planets

when i first heard the saxophone intro of Radioactive Sago Project's Gusto Ko ng Baboy, along with Lourd de Veyra's voice, i was drawn to it. i have never heard anything like that before, save for Meryn Cadell's The Sweater Song and the banter between Cheech and Chong (which sadly, i won't get to hear anymore since NU107 was the only station that played them) every Christmas. Radioactive Sago Project showed us the beauty and brilliance of spoken word.

it is no wonder that people are drawn to his words. Lourd is such a great writer. he is smart, sarcastic and funny. brilliant. his views are much like ours. very patriotic, yet honest. angry and yet, he seems to encourage everyone out there to wake up and do something. it's like we already know these things, nobody just has the balls to say them out loud. kinda like Mon Tulfo, but instead of wanting to slap him in the face, you thank him for making us see.


a few months ago, Lourd released a book compilation of all his essays in, This is a Crazy Planets. i recently got a copy of the book and i couldn't put it down. it was so funny. it was so interesting that even if i needed to sleep, i couldn't. it also made me want to write again, on a more regular basis. i figured, i've so much pent up emotion, instead of wanting to whack somebody on the head, i would just write about it. i do need practice. reading the book compilation of his blog posts made me realize how much i loved music and how much i loved writing. the only other two people who made me feel that way are Jessica Zafra and my second year high school teacher. of course, i'm not as brilliant but reading makes me want to aspire to be.

the book showcases Lourd's thoughts on our self-proclaimed Oprah of the RP, Kris Aquino; an homage to Rico J. Puno and Pacquito Diaz, AM radio stations and old Filipino action movies. he also introduced us to the TNL blog which shows a manifesto of what a real man (during these times when there are so many gay men - i don't mean to offend, i'm just saying as a matter of observation) is supposed to be and what a real man should and should not do. it's also just P195 and i strongly suggest you get one. the book is a better companion with your Starbucks coffee than a boring person.