Thursday, November 17, 2011

much as i hate to admit it, i had a Randy Santiago fixation


before i became the rocker and advocate of independent Filipino music that i am today, i was a die-hard fan of Randy Santiago.

Randy who?

for those of you too young to remember, Randy Santiago is the son of film director, the late Pablo Santiago and brother to director Rowell Santiago and actor Raymart Santiago. he is an actor, television host and singer. he was really big in the mid-80s because the dark shades were supposedly mysterious and attractive and he had a certain playfulness about him.

i was young then and didn't know any better. i figured i got tired of playing chess everyday and studying so he was my first form of rebellion. i watched the shows where he was, when i could. i bought his albums when they came out. i even wrote to him. of course he responded with the template he sent to everyone else of his fans. i was just so ecstatic to get it. i kept hoping his career would pick up and his concerts would be big the way Gary V was or Martin Nievera was but he can only do so much. there is limited opportunity for a guy with dark shades on, whose voice isn't exactly as remarkable as Pavarotti's and whose lyrics are repetitive, cheesy and lame. i've heard love expressed in better way.

we faithful lose interest in our icons and move on to someone else. i graduated from elementary school, met up with Jade and got re-introduced to rock and new wave music. from then on, there was no going back for me and crappy music. Randy, on the other hand, lost his mystery and charm and got hitched. he also got ditched from some of his shows and his songs didn't generate as much attention as they did in 1987.

i don't deny being a big fan of Randy Santiago. i loved some of his songs, they had meaning for me at the time. some of them still have meaning for me now but they don't have as much of an impact to me as say, a song by U2 or Radiohead or Pearl Jam or Alanis Morissette. i hardly remember some of the songs i loved then. you can say i've outgrown pop music, mushy music and moved on to deeper stuff (with some guilty pop pleasure here and there every now and then); i've become more passionate about rock music and the lifestyle. i've realized now that local talent doesn't have to have a popular surname; that hard work is rarely recognized or given an opportunity to be heard by the masses. i'm not saying Randy didn't work hard enough to get to where he is. i'm just saying acts like him, they get old and even if they learn new tricks, they still seem old.