Monday, October 31, 2011

why i don't have a Twitter account


when a friend found out i blogged he asked me if i also tweeted and i told him that i don't need that much attention. many of my friends have been bugging me incessantly to have a twitter account and i don't. i don't want to. they've even offered to open the account for me but i have refused. vehemently. they said that if there was anyone who should have a twitter account, it should be me. i agree. but it's a matter of principle that i don't use it. i have nothing against people who do. i respect their right to tweet and i would appreciate it if people gave me a break and respect my right to not want to.

1. i live alone.
this is also the reason i don't "check-in". if people knew where i was and what i was doing real time, then my life would be in danger. even if i am ugly, i do have stalkers. i don't think people need to know where i am and what i am doing all the time. i reserve that right for only a few people.

2.i'm an angry person.
no, let me rephrase that: there are things that people tend to do that piss me off. if i changed statuses for every time that i was pissed, then i end up pissing a whole lot of other people. just a random angry thought in Facebook makes about at least a dozen people react when it's not even for them. i should know.

3. they say that "tweeting" is the new texting.
if you wanted to have me in one of your events, i have a phone, CALL ME. TEXT ME. why is it okay for everyone else following your account to find out about this event but not me? why should i have to go through all the trouble of opening an account if you can just send one text message that wouldn't even take you five minutes to compose? when you tweet, you want to be able to "announce" something to everyone whom you feel are special enough to share that information or event with you. but are they all THAT special? aren't there certain people you want to really be with that a phone call or text message, as an added courtesy, will make sure that they're there?

4. i have random acts of quirkiness.
i have thoughts and feelings i share with particular people. that's why they became my friends. that's why they love me. when i think about something, there is always one or two people that i would like to share it with and only they can understand what i mean when i say it and they will not take any offense that i did. the thoughts are meant for someone in particular, not for everyone who might not share the same memory or feeling i have towards that something. besides, it takes away the meaning of a "private joke".

5. i blog for me.
i need it as an outlet for my feelings. i cannot limit my thoughts to just 140 characters. i have so much pent up emotion as it is that i have to let out. if i cannot say them the way i want to, then i'd rather not say them at all. it defeats the whole purpose of venting out if you cannot vent the way you want without fear of being misunderstood or when you're limited by the length of characters allowing you to vent.

like i have mentioned before, it is an anti-social tool. i respect those of you who have it and the people who follow you. but it's not for me. it takes away the personal nature that a voice or a letter can bring to someone or to me. it is useful for people who are on-the-go, those who only have time to read a line or two about something, to people who need to know right away. while i am fond of technology and all the wonderful innovations that it brings to our lives, i may still be very much old-fashioned with certain things. this is one of them.

so if you come across a twitter account with my name on it, chances are, it's not mine. if i do decide to have one, i'll blog about it first.