Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anne Curtis is evil.


of course, you will ask, "what has she done to you that would make you even say that? she has not done you anything wrong"

maybe she has.

a few weeks ago, my friends and i decided we wanted to try watching a movie at this mall in the South again. the last time we went there was on my birthday last August. i pretty much wasn't a happy camper as i didn't get to sleep after my shift before meeting with them and i had to go all the way to the South. then i find that the MRT is busted so i had to take a bus. traffic was really bad. by the time the bus got to the Shaw area, i saw the train working again.

again, this is not Anne's fault, you say. you might even say it's my fault - should've left early, should've argued with friends to meet somewhere nearer to where we all lived, etc. but i couldn't leave early. i couldn't sleep well after my shift. and i cannot predict the MRT operations. we all could've met in Bulacan and i still might have been pissed because of the lack of sleep.

by the time i got to our meeting place, they were all done with dinner and i just had to catch up. afterwards, we got ready to buy our tickets, only to find out that after 7PM, the movie theater switched the movies they were showing (Friends with Benefits, Change UP, etc.) to movie everyone in Manila is watching right now:

Anne has done nothing to me, personally. she doesn't even know i exist. but she affects my life even if she doesn't mean to. she affects the people around me, without meaning to. and it irritates the shit out of me.

people who have seen her movie keep on posting lines off it, overusing it to the point that it makes me want to vommit.

it's also not nice for her to present herself as, "an ordinary girl". sweetie, most ordinary girls don't have a body like that, their lips aren't full like that, they don't have guys as handsome (not my taste personally, but only for the sake of the argument) Sam Milby and Luis Manzano for ex-boyfriends. of course, you get your heart broken like everybody else, and you shit like everybody else, but you're not like everyone else. you don't represent the common woman.

the common woman is either too thin (for lack of nutrition - we live in a third country whose minimum wage is, well, not enough) or too fat (we stress eat, we work hard, give us a break); the common woman does not have naturally pouting lips like that. please.

the movie in itself is so bad it's supposed to be good. i didn't see it. i don't plan to. i am surrounded by people at work who have seen it, i don't even have to know what it's about. they're practically telling you the story. you know how it is: you've been bombarded by so many things about something that you're sick of it even before it even begins. it's like condoning, tolerating adultery by making a film with supposedly cool lines in it to make you think cheating on your partner is okay. i feel strongly about this, being someone who's been cheated on, being someone who's cheated and being someone considered as "the other woman" - which is weird because the women who accuse me of this are those whose partners i don't even touch or don't find the least attractive.

i don't like her. i don't like what she supposedly represents. i think she is fake. you're more than welcome to hate on me for saying this - this is a democracy, after all. i can tell you i think she is evil and you can tell me that i am the devil incarnate for saying so. you can tell me that i'm bitter for being fat and ugly and i can tell you that her voice will never get any better than it is. there are far better vocalists who deserve a singing deal. i can just go on for days.