Monday, October 31, 2011

why i don't have a Twitter account


when a friend found out i blogged he asked me if i also tweeted and i told him that i don't need that much attention. many of my friends have been bugging me incessantly to have a twitter account and i don't. i don't want to. they've even offered to open the account for me but i have refused. vehemently. they said that if there was anyone who should have a twitter account, it should be me. i agree. but it's a matter of principle that i don't use it. i have nothing against people who do. i respect their right to tweet and i would appreciate it if people gave me a break and respect my right to not want to.

1. i live alone.
this is also the reason i don't "check-in". if people knew where i was and what i was doing real time, then my life would be in danger. even if i am ugly, i do have stalkers. i don't think people need to know where i am and what i am doing all the time. i reserve that right for only a few people.

2.i'm an angry person.
no, let me rephrase that: there are things that people tend to do that piss me off. if i changed statuses for every time that i was pissed, then i end up pissing a whole lot of other people. just a random angry thought in Facebook makes about at least a dozen people react when it's not even for them. i should know.

3. they say that "tweeting" is the new texting.
if you wanted to have me in one of your events, i have a phone, CALL ME. TEXT ME. why is it okay for everyone else following your account to find out about this event but not me? why should i have to go through all the trouble of opening an account if you can just send one text message that wouldn't even take you five minutes to compose? when you tweet, you want to be able to "announce" something to everyone whom you feel are special enough to share that information or event with you. but are they all THAT special? aren't there certain people you want to really be with that a phone call or text message, as an added courtesy, will make sure that they're there?

4. i have random acts of quirkiness.
i have thoughts and feelings i share with particular people. that's why they became my friends. that's why they love me. when i think about something, there is always one or two people that i would like to share it with and only they can understand what i mean when i say it and they will not take any offense that i did. the thoughts are meant for someone in particular, not for everyone who might not share the same memory or feeling i have towards that something. besides, it takes away the meaning of a "private joke".

5. i blog for me.
i need it as an outlet for my feelings. i cannot limit my thoughts to just 140 characters. i have so much pent up emotion as it is that i have to let out. if i cannot say them the way i want to, then i'd rather not say them at all. it defeats the whole purpose of venting out if you cannot vent the way you want without fear of being misunderstood or when you're limited by the length of characters allowing you to vent.

like i have mentioned before, it is an anti-social tool. i respect those of you who have it and the people who follow you. but it's not for me. it takes away the personal nature that a voice or a letter can bring to someone or to me. it is useful for people who are on-the-go, those who only have time to read a line or two about something, to people who need to know right away. while i am fond of technology and all the wonderful innovations that it brings to our lives, i may still be very much old-fashioned with certain things. this is one of them.

so if you come across a twitter account with my name on it, chances are, it's not mine. if i do decide to have one, i'll blog about it first.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

all for one, one for all


my friend and i watched the new Three Musketeers movie yesterday. i honestly had hesitations watching it since i didn’t know anyone in the cast, save for the guy who played D’Artagnan, Logan Lerman, whom we last saw play the role of Percy Jackson, Milla Jovovich and a somewhat ugly ruthless version of Orlando Bloom. what i really wanted to see was In Time, the Gattaca-esque movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Siegfried. i was more after his supporting cast than i was interested in seeing the former 'N Sync frontman. ihe trailer caught my eye when I saw Matt Bomer (White Collar), John Galecki (Big Bang Theory), Vincent Kartheiser (Angel, Mad Men), Olivia Wilde (House) and Cillian Murphy (Sunshine) so i really wanted to see it. i mean, i really feel strongly about the movie. if it turns out to be crap, i wanted to be the one to realize it and not just have someone say to me that it is, when it is not. we do have different tastes. you all watched No Other Woman, right? i didn't because i personally thought, just by looking at the trailer, that it wasn't for me. that's how i feel about In Time. i saw the trailer and i knew i would like it. guess i’m gonna have to see it some other time.

all the time i was watching the movie i kept on thinking who played Porthos in the Three Musketeers movie where the song All for One, All for Love came from. i can remember the other three for the movie The Man in the Iron Mask but can’t remember Porthos. i think it was Oliver Platt.


after much reflection and googling, i found out that it is Oliver Platt. thank God for good memory - i'm still not THAT old. i personally love the aging musketeers, from The Man in the Iron Mask. it showed them as valiant yet flawed, and that even in old age, there are friendships that last a lifetime. even with a serious plot like that of treachery and hunger and greed, it had some pretty funny scenes.


anyway, the 2011 story and how the film was made was impressive and it grew on me despite my not liking to watch it at first. it was humorous, like the previous film in 1993, and quite entertaining. it made me love the musketeers all over again. it made me believe that love and friendship exists and chivalry is not a crime even for just a hundred and ten minutes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dragging our race to new heights

i'm currently fascinated by RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3. i love drag queens. i especially love this season because it features Raja (Sutan to those who are long time fans of America's Next Top Model) and our very own Karl Westerberg, or as she is more popularly known, Manila Luzon.


she got her first name from the capital of the Philippines and her last name from one of the largest islands, Luzon. i love her because she is funny and she is very much proud of her heritage. she is aware that Asians are a minority in the US and she doesn't mind making a parody of our race. she is very talented after all and it is what she always proves in her performances:  Filipinos are not just domestic helpers, caregivers and boxers,  they're performers of the highest caliber.

really proud of you, girl!

Monday, October 24, 2011


if we had better seats, i wouldn't have dozed off in some of the scenes. i feel bad that i did.


the show was magical. they were amazing. these great artists made music from the most unlikely objects: brush brooms, trashcans, matchboxes, lighters, sand, newspapers, tires, water containers. everything. i dozed off several times since i had to slouch to get a better view so "everything" should cover it.

minus the part we were in the cheap seats (of course, you are surrounded by cheap people - sorry, i mean, those people who like to do annotations of everything going on because one or two people from their group couldn't get it - i didn't mean poor and uneducated) given the limited number of performances they had here in Manila and everybody just wanted to see them, it was one of those best shows i have ever seen in my life.

they were hilarious. each and everyone of them had a way of captivating the audience and getting them hooked. when they were done, the audience was begging them for more. it was worth the long commute, the slouching, the stiff neck i now have.


i hope to get the chance to see the show again. with better seats. other than that and some initial "hassle" we encountered, i loved the show.

*pictures taken from*

Monday, October 17, 2011

what's YOUR number?


Allison Darling is worried that nothing is going to happen to her love life as her younger sister Daisy is getting married. not only did she just get laid off from her marketing job but she is getting pressured by her mother to bring a suitable boyfriend as her date to the wedding. as if that wasn't enough, she read this article in a magazine that says the average woman only sleeps with 10.5 men in her lifetime and those who reach up to twenty find it hard to find someone they will be with for the rest of her life.

on the eve of her sister's engagement party she vows to stop at twenty only to wake up with the guy who just fired her. so she seeks the help of her front door neighbor, Colin, who like her, has some issues in dealing with relationships. she tries to find all the previous guys she has been with in the hope that one of them may still be single and better off now than when she first dated them.

she and Colin hit it off so well but her premise is that she already wasted her life with twenty other assholes like him who cannot be with women for twenty-four hours without sleeping with them. then she reconnects with the first guy she ever dated (because Colin did find him after all), Jake, this really hot guy you really want to bring home to mommy. but then he cannot accept her for who she is. she gets back with Colin and it is presumed they live happily ever after.

of course, like her, in my head, i was counting the guys (and yes, the girls) i have been with and while watching the movie, it has occurred to me that i may have already let "the one" get away or maybe i will never find "the one". the culture here in the Philippines, no matter how westernized we have become, still believes that a woman should only sleep with the guy she is married to. while i don't necessarily believe that, with the growing population of great looking intelligent gay men, i'm running out of options very fast. then there's also the fact none of the guys i ever dated really considered me to be their "one" so . . .

like Allison, i'm not perfect. i have had my share of assholes, hell, i'm perpetually attracted and attached to them, despite my best efforts. but it doesn't mean i deserve a decent guy any less than the next girl. i'm damaged and i may want someone equally damaged but only damaged enough to understand that i'm not perfect. because nobody is.

" . . . i'm not like the girls that you've known, but i believe i'm worth coming home to . . ."
Tori Amos, Sleeps with Butterflies

i haven't given up hope that i will find love someday or that love will find me. the number shouldn't matter.


one of the songs featured in the movie was this song. it's funny, it's cute and even if all the guy really wants to do is get you to bed, with the way he sounds and the honesty he portrays, you just might want to have that one-night stand.

Wicked Way
Ben Taylor

I just want to take you out and get you drunk so I can have my wicked way with you
i'm just being honest 'cause I know the other guys are thinking just the same way too
And i'm not gonna lie and say that I will take you out to dance
there's just no chance 'cause I don't even like the same music you do
I just wanna have my wicked way with you

So don't you fight it
Cause I know you're gonna like it
Show me some skin I might bite it
I wanna have my wicked with you.

So i'm not gonna come over and meet your mom and dad
They know that I was bad
I don't want to meet your friends or just pretend I like you
And I don't want to talk about what happened on your favorite tv show
I just want to get you close enough so I can take off all your clothes
And i'm not gonna make you cry or break your heart girl we don't have the time
i'm just thinking of three hours or more
So I can have my wicked way with you

don't you fight it
don't knock it 'til you've tried it
Show me some skin I might bite it
I wanna have my wicked way with you
My wicked way with you
My wicked way with you.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anne Curtis is evil.


of course, you will ask, "what has she done to you that would make you even say that? she has not done you anything wrong"

maybe she has.

a few weeks ago, my friends and i decided we wanted to try watching a movie at this mall in the South again. the last time we went there was on my birthday last August. i pretty much wasn't a happy camper as i didn't get to sleep after my shift before meeting with them and i had to go all the way to the South. then i find that the MRT is busted so i had to take a bus. traffic was really bad. by the time the bus got to the Shaw area, i saw the train working again.

again, this is not Anne's fault, you say. you might even say it's my fault - should've left early, should've argued with friends to meet somewhere nearer to where we all lived, etc. but i couldn't leave early. i couldn't sleep well after my shift. and i cannot predict the MRT operations. we all could've met in Bulacan and i still might have been pissed because of the lack of sleep.

by the time i got to our meeting place, they were all done with dinner and i just had to catch up. afterwards, we got ready to buy our tickets, only to find out that after 7PM, the movie theater switched the movies they were showing (Friends with Benefits, Change UP, etc.) to movie everyone in Manila is watching right now:

Anne has done nothing to me, personally. she doesn't even know i exist. but she affects my life even if she doesn't mean to. she affects the people around me, without meaning to. and it irritates the shit out of me.

people who have seen her movie keep on posting lines off it, overusing it to the point that it makes me want to vommit.

it's also not nice for her to present herself as, "an ordinary girl". sweetie, most ordinary girls don't have a body like that, their lips aren't full like that, they don't have guys as handsome (not my taste personally, but only for the sake of the argument) Sam Milby and Luis Manzano for ex-boyfriends. of course, you get your heart broken like everybody else, and you shit like everybody else, but you're not like everyone else. you don't represent the common woman.

the common woman is either too thin (for lack of nutrition - we live in a third country whose minimum wage is, well, not enough) or too fat (we stress eat, we work hard, give us a break); the common woman does not have naturally pouting lips like that. please.

the movie in itself is so bad it's supposed to be good. i didn't see it. i don't plan to. i am surrounded by people at work who have seen it, i don't even have to know what it's about. they're practically telling you the story. you know how it is: you've been bombarded by so many things about something that you're sick of it even before it even begins. it's like condoning, tolerating adultery by making a film with supposedly cool lines in it to make you think cheating on your partner is okay. i feel strongly about this, being someone who's been cheated on, being someone who's cheated and being someone considered as "the other woman" - which is weird because the women who accuse me of this are those whose partners i don't even touch or don't find the least attractive.

i don't like her. i don't like what she supposedly represents. i think she is fake. you're more than welcome to hate on me for saying this - this is a democracy, after all. i can tell you i think she is evil and you can tell me that i am the devil incarnate for saying so. you can tell me that i'm bitter for being fat and ugly and i can tell you that her voice will never get any better than it is. there are far better vocalists who deserve a singing deal. i can just go on for days.