Sunday, September 18, 2011

the stalker becomes the stalkee

as they say, everything comes full circle. even the art of stalking.

for about two or three weeks now, i've been a bit paranoid because the sidecar boys have been asking me if i'm already going to work. without meaning to offend them and without giving too much information i accommodate the inquiries. i don't really want them to notice any real pattern about where and when i'm going because you cannot really trust anyone these days. i'm not trying to be mean or judgmental - just trying to protect myself. i've seen to many shows about serial rapists and killers not to be too careful.

just this week, one of them asked if they could get my mobile number for someone. said that someone is interested to know about me. apparently, i have an admirer. they said that the person asking for my number has been waiting for quite some time now but is too shy to approachme . they said i've seen him around i just don't notice.

I DO?! most of the time i just step out of the house and leave. how am i supposed to notice who waits for what and who?! if anybody had the time or resources to bother waiting and asking around, that would be reason to be scared right?

the next day, he finally sits with me, this kid (i was told he is only 24 years old)and asks me what took me so long because he had been waiting all afternoon for me to come out. then he asks me arrogantly for my number. if you had worked in a call center and have some experience with inbound sales, you may have heard of the term "presumptive close" which is basically assuming that the other person already wants to buy something you're selling, blindly and without question just because you said so. in this scenario, this guy believes that i will miraculously give my number just because he said so. again, he didn't ask for it, he was "ordering" me to give him my mobile number. ha! like i would fall for that jedi mind trick.

of course, i didn't give him my number. of course, i wasn't impressed. of course, by the time i got to the main road to go to work, he was disappointed that a girl like me would still have the galls to reject him.

i don't judge people by their appearances and i would welcome the opportunity, every chance i get, to meet new people. but a guy like that, with his SMS (Small Man Syndrome - short guys tend to overcompensate for their lack of height), and his lackluster approach to me, didn't really give me much to work on. didn't get me interested at all. you'd think with all that time in his hands waiting for me, he'd be prepared to rebut all my statements to deter him from getting my number.

while i think it's really sweet that a young man would sit and wait all afternoon for a mean old fat lady to come out of the house to go to work (it's also creepy, really), and the gesture could make any girl melt. all that waiting wouldn't really get anywhere. he doesn't look like he's going anywhere. my life has no direction as it is. i don't intend to babysit. i'm already babysitting people who have direction, and we're still going around in circles. imagine how difficult it is to take care of someone who doesn't even know what he wants to do with his life, or doesn't have any plans. i may be patient but i just don't want to waste my time on this.

oh, and while i do have this thing for arrogant assholes, these are the type who can fend for themselves and who have accomplished some sort of license to be arrogant, i don't have time for arrogant bums.