Saturday, August 06, 2011

a welcome break from all the superhero movies


Larry Crowne went to work just like he would any other day thinking that he would become employee of the month for the ninth time in a row only to find out that he is being fired from his job because he didn’t have a college education. having spent the last twenty years as a navy cook, he never had the opportunity or the time to go back to school, so he worked as a store attendant. since he cannot find a job, being in debt with the bank when he bought his ex-wife’s share of their house, he decided the only way he could get re-employed and get ahead is if he went back to school.

Mercedes Tainot has been drinking to ignore the fact that after all her efforts in educating the students at the community college, they have forgotten how to care. her husband likes to look at porn when she is not around, in the guise of working when he is supposed to be writing his new book. it has gotten to the point where they don't get each other anymore.

Larry and Mercy meet when he attends her class in English 217, Informal Remarks. kinda like Extemporaneous Speech that we had, you speak about a certain topic without any preparation whatsoever for the next two minutes or so. anyway, Mercy thinks that the younger woman that Larry hangs out with, Talia, is his girlfriend. when you do have an ex-husband who likes to check out younger girls with big knockers, you tend to think that every other guy is like that. Talia just finds Larry amusing and she helps him out with his wardrobe, his haircut, things that would make him look cooler being in college again. of course, it makes her boyfriend, Gordon, jealous, but she just means well and Larry is pretty much aware that she is young enough to be her daughter.

this movie is amazing because it makes you feel good. it reminds you to respect other people because of their race, age, sexual preference, religion, education. it also reminds you to always do the right thing, to face the consequences of your actions. it also talks about chivalry. because gentlemen never talk about what happened or did not happen between himself and a woman.


that night Larry gave Mercy a ride home, something could have happened between the two of them. they could've chosen to follow their bodily urges but they took a step back, not just because Mercy is married, but because they have a professor-student relationship which is a conflict of interest. these days, people forget that while they owe it to themselves to be happy, that there are certain boundaries that you are not supposed to cross. this movie reminds us that. aside from reminding us that we all need to focus on educating ourselves, whether in or out of school, for us to be better, it tells us that we should not allow our personal needs to cloud our judgment.

watching the movie Larry Crowne is a refreshing change from all the superhero movies that we have been bombarded with in the cinemas lately. like Tom Hanks' other movie, Forrest Gump, with Larry Crowne, it's like opening a box of chocolates: you never know what you're gonna get. in the end, i felt good that i came to see it.