Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a postcard you should give to every strong, independent woman you know

my friend Chris saw this card in one of the museums he went to and decided to get one for me and our other girl friends.

i like the message that it sends, not just to every Filipina, but to everyone in general. it shows a girl sporting a boy's cut, wearing the traditional Filipina outfit (a baro't saya, i forget) and elevated flipflops. it's so cool. what's even cooler is the message at the back:


I am Filipino, born, raised and living in the Philippines.
I am not backward, barbaric or warlike.
My house is not open to all.
I don't readily open my door to strangers.
I am not always hospitable.
I am kind and respectful and I expect the same treatment from others.
I am not rich.
I work hard to earn a living. It is my right to be paid my dues.
Doing domestic chores, manual labor and working as a babysitter in a foreign land aren't the only things I am cut out to do.
Whenever/If ever I save money I like to travel, to see the world and learn about new cultures.
I didn't apply for and get my visa to the United States with the intention of going there to land me an American citizen.
I have no intention of being an illegal alient in the US.
I like to travel, that's it.
I don't wash my clothes in the river.
Neither do I live in a tree.
I am not Catholic. I am not Protestant, Born Again, Opus Dei, El Shaddai or Muslim.
I do not belong to an organized religion.
I firmly believe in religious freedom and tolerance. I am not evil.
I do not eat dogs.
In fact, I do not eat meat.
I am vegetarian because I don't have a taste for killing.
I am not adept at handling a balisong, or inclined to dance the tinikling and I don't have a penchant for singing.

I don't know everything but I am not ignorant, naive or uninformed.
I read books. I study. I analyze issues.
I am not pliant, meek or docile.

My country may be economically poor but I don't like being called provincial, or referred to as an exotic being from the islands and a third world citizen.

And, I suppose, neither do you.

pretty strong and yet, meaningful, isn't it?