Monday, August 01, 2011

one of them movies that make you laugh, cry, make you appreciate friends. and bathrooms.

my friends and i saw the movie Bridesmaids tonight. it was hilarious. we just couldn’t stop laughing.


Bridesmaids is the story of Annie and Lillian (Kristine Wiig and Maya Rudolph of Saturday Night Live) who have been best friends since childhood. While Lillian is engaged to be married and everything seems to be going right for her career, Annie has had it rough: her bakery went bankrupt so she is working at a jewelry store whose owner did it as a favor for her mother being an AA sponsor; her roommate has no respect for her personal space and the hot guy she’s banging just wants to be friends with benefits. on top of that, Lillian’s other friend Helen (Rose Byrne) seems to be competing with her as maid of honor and better friend. Annie gets so stressed out that it affected her driving on the way home that Nathan (Chris O'Dowd), a police officer thought that she was driving under the influence. they soon become friends but at the sign of a possibly good thing between them, she runs off. Lillian and Annie argue because Helen stole Annie’s Paris idea for the bridal shower. they didn’t make amends until the actual wedding day when Lillian disappeared on Helen due to cold feet and only Annie knew where to find her (with the help of Nathan, of course) and make her push through with the wedding.

i know, i know – i’m not selling the movie the way it should be since it’s such a great movie and i’m not making it interesting enough.

i love the movie because it was made by women, for women. it tackles some of the issues that i’m dealing with on some level. although i haven’t really gone down that low in terms of what’s happening in my life that’s depressing; and trust me, there are really days when it gets really depressing and i tend to pity myself, i can truly say i’m fine. there are days when i may feel so left out by my friends, in terms of having a family or a successful career, but i get by. i still find what i do fulfilling and maybe that’s what Annie missed at first: that you do have friends who care for you and they may change and outgrow you at some level but they will always be there for you; you shouldn’t stop what you love doing because of fear of failing. she also failed to see how great she is so she just settled for just being someone’s number three on the booty speed dial when there’s this really great guy who can offer her so much more.

i also loved the movie because we couldn’t stop laughing. it was very intelligent humor. i was laughing so hard i almost fell off my seat, and tears were falling from my eyes. it was that funny. go watch it with your friends. i know one of the reasons i enjoyed it as much as i did was because it was a smart and funny film and i was with friends who understood it and understood me.