Saturday, August 06, 2011

naive but endearing


Cameron shocked everyone when he decided to leave the competition after six weeks in The Glee Project. last week we fell in love with him when Lindsey stole a kiss from him and he broke down in tears and called his mom. that was so sweet and innocent. almost a bit naive but very much endearing. it made us want him to stay longer in the competition.

in the current Glee cast, we have a conservative, hopeless romantic gay teenager (Kurt), we have a scheming sexually active bisexual (Santana), a sexually active Jewish boy (Puck)who is still trying to get his full figured girlfriend to do it with him (Lauren), a horny Asian couple (Tina and Mike) and the president of the celibacy club who got pregnant by her boyfriend’s best friend (Quinn). so you can understand why Ryan Murphy, executive producer for Glee, wanted to keep Cameron. they don’t have a straight Christian character who will fight for what he believes in rather than give in to peer pressure and just do something because everybody else is doing it.

here was a guy who among 40,000 kids all across America, got to the final twelve because of his unique quirkiness. despite his natural charm as a singer, Cameron is awkward, gets picked on and is pretty much a geek, making him someone people will watch at Glee.

quitting because you feel selfish getting an opportunity someone would work harder for is a big sacrifice. Damian and Cameron have become best friends in this journey and Cameron quitting saved Damian from being eliminated. you don't see that everyday. while most kids, most actors right now, will go to great lengths just to get ahead in life, here was a kid who was giving it all up because he wanted to stick to the beliefs of his religion and how he was raised.

in the end, when Ryan finally asked Cameron if he wanted to leave or stay, and Cameron opted to leave, he said that Cameron could have touched so many lives. winning the Glee Project would've landed Cameron the seven-episode guest role on Glee, which would have been enough to develop a character that is both conservative, responsible, sweet, Christian. Cameron did not need those seven episodes. his weeks in the Glee Project have touched our hearts already.