Tuesday, August 09, 2011

it's a singing competition after all

Hannah got booted out of the Glee Project.


sometimes i wish that Ryan Murphy isn't just there to pick out who's going home. he should also be there to check on the videos and homework assignments. Hannah won this week's homework assignment, she was believable. while she isn't the most talented singer in the group, she is a very capable young actress. well, she got distracted by Damian, but let's give it to her that she was believable, she was effective. she's someone, like Cameron, or Matheus, or Ellis, that you can watch and relate to on Glee. i don't understand why she was not on the call back list.

while i love Samuel and am a big fan of his voice, he wasn't effective for me. like Lindsey, who looked like she was forcing tears out of her eyes, he didn't make me feel anything. i didn't feel like i could relate to him pining over someone who didn't even know he existed. he just seemed like he could get anyone he wanted and even if he did like someone who didn't give him the time of day, you wouldn't really believe that he had that kind of problem.

Hannah had that problem. she had the hots for Damian but she wasn't confident enough to think that Damian would reciprocate what she felt. add to that her lack of self-esteem because of her weight. despite all of that, Hannah was, is funny. she is a great young actress who can sing. she can rap and she is someone people can watch and relate to on Glee. if Glee is still a show about how a bunch of school rejects turn to music to give them confidence and make them feel good about themselves, it shouldn't be about perfect people. it already stretched its boundaries by featuring gay and lesbian characters, i believe it should also send a message of self-love for those who don't look perfect - those with weight problems, height problems, just like when they got the girl to play Becky. Hannah, just like Ashley Fink's character, Lauren, could've done that. or Matheus.

now, all that's left are Damian, Samuel, Lindsey and Alex. i want to root for Alex, young African-American gay teenager with loads of talent. but i can't. he has the tendency to be overconfident, over-the-top, and flamboyant. Damian is too cute, Samuel is too attractive and too talented to be an outcast and Lindsey is fake. in my opinion, anyone who could've been a fun character to watch on Glee after graduating from the Glee Project has already either quit or not been called back. good luck there.