Wednesday, August 03, 2011

handsome vampire gets our books burned again

i heard this on the news early today.

i found another reason to hate Twilight.

i’ve been very vocal that i don’t like Twilight since i’m a big fan of Anne Rice, The Vampire Chronicles, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Angel series. so you could say that my definition of vampires is pretty old school. well, not old school like literally old school. i just think that the Twilight vampires are pretty lame. sorry.


anyway, our wonderful people from the Department of Customs just realized how much money they could make off of taxing the import of the Twilight books. that’s just great. so every other book that’s going to be imported from other countries, even the educational books, will have to pay the same import tax. books are expensive enough as it is and putting a levy on them when they’re brought over to the country will only make these books more expensive. how the hell will we be able to benefit and learn from the books if we can’t even afford them?

it wasn't too long ago, and maybe we were either too young to remember or because we are a nation that forgets easily but they have tried to make money out of the books, the same way they've tried to make money out of cigarettes and booze, but since these things are for our education, more than anything, the effort to try to put import taxes on books were shelved. now that the Twilight movie saga is about to reach its climax, they're bringing it up again, hoping to get additional revenue.

while i believe that the internet is a good source of information, i still believe that nothing beats good old fashion writing. nobody reads the books anymore, they just rely on Google. i love Google, i love Wikipedia, but i also love the feel of paperbacks on my hand, the scent of each page, as i read them. books are still the greater, better source of information, education. if books become more expensive, we encourage resort to the internet and not all reliable information can be found there. we also encourage delinquency and sloth. kids won't want to read anymore. they'll want to stop reading and dreaming and educating themselves. they'd want to stop studying. i don't know. it was so much different then and now. maybe i am old school at heart.


PNoy, if the bill ever gets to be on your desk, VETO it.